Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wild Rose by Theresa Miller

Wild Rose
6.5" x 6.5" Watercolor on Paper
Another rose from the Botanical Gardens in Geneva. When the weather cools down, like it has in the past week or so, I love painting from the reference photos that I take during the summer. It's my way of "stretching" the season!
On a very personal note: My father-in-law passed away last weekend. He was a wonderful father-in-law to me, a great dad to David and an adoring grandpa for Alexandra. We'll miss him terribly.


Peter Breese said...

Great image Theresa!

Dianne Mize said...

Lovely painting!

Pierre Raby said...

Wonderful watercolor Theresa!
A beautiful and vibrante balance between subject and background.
And, by the way,
please accept my condolences for your father-in-law.

Theresa Rankin said...

Simple and stunning!! Lovely balance and grace!

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Thank you all!

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