Friday, September 5, 2008

Fragole (strawberries) by Theresa Miller

6.5" x 10" Watercolor on paper
These are the same "models" from yesterday, still in the box. I hope you can tell the strawberries are on aluminum foil ...
Tomorrow, I have a very special painting... stay tuned!
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Deirdre Botha said...

Hi Theresa
I just love your paintings. You are such a talented artist. I myself am an oil paint artist and am truly amazed what can be done in watercolours. Well done. I will keep on watching your work. Deirdre

indiaartist said...

Hi Theresa, Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am glad to follow your blog here. Just love those strawberries.

Pierre Raby said...

Hi Theresa,
Your work is full of joy, I appreciate there playful qualities!
Yeah for strawberries!

Ambera said...

I LOVE your strawberries! These turned out fantastic!

Anonymous said...

These are, indeed, very well painted strawberries. I would like to see a painting of some cream to go with them.

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