Saturday, September 6, 2008

Karin Jurick's Jack by Theresa Miller

Karin's Jack
6.5" x 10" Watercolor on Paper
I was so touched by Karin Jurick's story of Jack, her dog, that I had to make a portrait of him. It was a pleasure painting Jack, my first painting of a dog!
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Joanne said...

Hi Theresa,
I too was touched by how vulnerable Karin made herself in the death of her dog, and how out of that experience, a whole new blog has come into existence! I saw your painting of Jack, among the others, and liked yours very much, but didn't stop to take the time to see who had painted it - what a great surprise to see it was you. Beautiful for a first painting of a dog - and very meaningful for Karin and for you. Beautiful.

Jean Victory said...

I read about the dog on Karin's blog and can't believe what a nice job you've done capturing Jack. Well done!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Well done I love it.

Sharon Wright said...

You have made Jack look so adorable! And your first dog! Wow! Superb.

Dar Presto said...

a terrific portrait of dear Jack!

Barbara Pask said...

Your first doggie portrait is fantastic. I had thought about painting her dog and then I decided to paint one of my own grand dogs and posted it. I like this idea she has to have us paint and post different paintings each week.

Peter Breese said...

Truly wonderful, especially for a first! Bravo.

Susan Carlin said...

Beautiful work, Theresa.

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