Friday, April 30, 2010

L'ancien Arsenal

L'ancien Arsenal
Old Town Geneva
Geneva Switzerland
11" x 7.5"
Watercolor on paper

I painted this a long time ago and thought I had posted it, but it seems like I didn't.... anyway, L'Ancien Arsenal is just across Hotel de Ville in the Old Town Geneva, a must stop location for tourists. More info about the site here:


AutumnLeaves said...

Another beautiful piece; a nice historical feel to it as well.

Marie Theron said...

No, we haven't seen this before, Theresa! Very nice, you have created such depth and the colour scheme goes with the weapons!

Mary Paquet said...

Marie, I've been somewhat absent in the blog world the last few weeks while I was busy with a workshop and my art show. I am loving your street scenes. You get that beautiful glow of light in your work. Always such a pleasure to visit!

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