Monday, June 14, 2010

Geneva Rooftops

Geneva Rooftops
Watercolor on paper
11" x 7"
I painted this after a reference photo that I took at the top of the cathedral tower (St Pierre Cathedral) in old town Geneva.


AutumnLeaves said...

Theresa, these European scenes that you do are so full of life and history for me. I love them all so very much and this gorgeous point of view and scene is no exception!

nellie said...

I am so incredibly thankful that I landed myself on your blog. Your paintings are phenomenal, and reminiscent of beauty passed--and now preserved. Thank you, thank you!

Margaret Bednar said...

I adore paintings that feature old buildings or places. This is stunning - the use of color and sunlight. And welcome to the USA - can't wait to see more of your paintings of Washington D.C. (historic Philadelphia, PA and close by Valley Forge is a great spot to visit if you like to paint)

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