Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomatoes and a bit of painting news...

Two Tomatoes in Tobe yaki
6.6"x10" Watercolor on paper

Juicy Summer Tomatoes
6"x6" watercolor on paper
I planted three tomato plants in pots in my terrace and they are looking great. I hope I will get a nice harvest of fruits for my still-lives, again, this year - some of you may know that I made a series of paintings from my "terrace harvest" last year, which I posted in this blog. I'll create a link to them when I get smarter with my computer... These juicy tomatoes that I painted last year came from a store, though...
And, yes, I have been painting everyday! I have not been posting as often, but I have been painting everyday. More recently, I have been working on landscapes, cityscapes and lake scenes - scenes of the beautiful area I live in - surrounded with mountains, by the lake and where everytime you turn around you see a postcard scene - lucky me! I shall post my next painting as soon as I get something "postable." Thanks for following my artblog - I appreciate it! Cheers!


Mary Paquet said...

These tomatoes look so alive and juicy. You are such a master with watercolor, Theresa. Can't waut ti see your latest work. I have all these scenes in my mind that I want to paint -- so much art to do, so little time!

Joanne said...

I love the vibrancy you achieved in these paintings, Theresa! I also love how you directed our eyes around the painting with the 2 tomatoes with the roundness of the bowl, but also with the swirls of the background. Just beautiful! I can imagine these look even better in person! Glad to hear you continue to paint daily - we will look forward to those posts as they come!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

I like your tomatoes, they look ripe and juicy! The shape of the stem of the first painting is dynamic epecially how it is contrasted with the simple curve of the bowl.

Anonymous said...

You capture the light in your watercolors so beautifully. I love the tomatoes. They are so vibrant.

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