Saturday, March 21, 2009

Technology restored

Pink Catleya
Watercolor on Arches paper
It took way too long, but I had my PC and camera fixed, yay! Now, I have to get acquainted with the new programs and how they work and so on and so forth. Fun... not! What I really find fun doing is painting, which I have been doing this whole time. More precisely, I have been painting large (30" x 40") watercolors for my next show at the United Nations, which is hapenning next May. I shall post the finished paintings when they are ready, meanwhile, I shall post this, from the last show... I hope you like it! Will post the others in the days to come... have a great day!


Annelein said...

Hi Theresa,
Thanks for your comment...really like the background on this piece and that yellow/orange center just draws you in...

Mary Paquet said...

Theresa, I found our blog from your post on Annelein's blog. What a wonderful blog world we have.

I love your florals, and wish I could see this one full size.

Theresa Rankin said... I adore this one everything about it!! The color the technique...every little thing! Beautiful!!

Joanne said...

So glad you are back in cyber space, Theresa! This painting is glorious! I love the perspective - how the color bursts from the center of the painting all over the page... exquisite!

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