Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peaches in the Afternoon Sun

Peaches in Afternoon Sun
6"x6" Watercolor on Arches Paper

These peaches looked so warm and fuzzy in the afternoon sun on my kitchen counter, they inspired me so. The plate was handbuilt and fired by yours truly, several years ago when I took pottery in Tokyo. The color of the plate is not as bright as it is in the painting, but the peaches made it look really saturated in color.

Today, I joined a group of ladies to visit the private garden and home of a remarkable lady who lives on the lake, near my house. She has the most beautiful home (and garden) I have ever visited and the most joyful and generous spirit. We also joked that she must have a direct telephone line with God himself because after a couple of weeks of rain, today we had the most perfect weather. It was a perfectly sunny weather for being outdoors, to see old friends, to meet new ones, to drink champagne and to just enjoy the good things in life.

I hope you had a great day!

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